Jules Kneepkens has worked in Aviation in senior management positions in National and International aviation Authorities. He has been Director of Civil Aviation in the Netherlands, Director General of Civil Aviation in Belgium, and as Director Rulemaking at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Over more than three decades Jules has been involved in governmental policy-making, developing regulations in all the aviation domains, oversight of operators/airports/ANSPs and manufacturers, aviation security and privatisation of Airports, the establishment of the Functional Airspace Block FABEC. Jules also initiated and founded the ECAC- aviation Training Organisation JAA TO training in the Netherlands.

Jules has been involved in the establishment of EASA and as a member of the EASA Management Board. He chaired the first formal evaluation of EASA and was appointed as EASA Rulemaking Director in 2008. He had the responsibility for the extension of EASA’s competencies into the aviation domains Aircrew, Ops, ATM/ANS, ATCO, and Aerodromes. At the same time, he has been responsible for regulatory harmonisation with FAA and Canadian TCAA as well as EASA’s international (support)activities with/for Non-EU/EASA countries. He was also involved in initiating the latest revision of the EU/EASA Basic Regulation (EU EASA Basic Regulation 1139/2018).

Since 2015 Jules works as a consultant for Civil Aviation Authorities in and outside the European Union. In this capacity, he also provides services to and on behalf of Aviation Authorities. Supports is also provided to aviation service providers worldwide on aviation regulatory structure and regulations. He also advises Civil Aviation Authorities on the establishment of international cooperation agreements with European organisations as EASA, SESAR, and EUROCONTROL.

Jules is also an assistant Professor at the Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University and CEO of Aerospace Qualified Entity, co-founder of TEASAS and TEASAS Aviation Training Academy.